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At Sinalo we strive to provide the best service and quality of workmanship to our clients. We pride ourselves on going the extra mile. We have a skilled dedicated team that are well versed in the services we have to offer.

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What does the name "Sinalo" mean?

In Xhosa it means: "We have hope!"

The name belongs to a African girl who was very sick. She was 2 years old, but she looked like a 2 month old child. Disease ridden and crying in the hospital halls, she met a man who believed God can do anything. He took this girl in his hands and prayed a simple prayer. God moved, and all pain immediately left her body.

The strange part is that while the man was praying for her he felt her bones in his hand pressing through her nappy. Faith left him and he wanted to bury the same thing he just had hoped for until he heard her name was Sinalo. This is what happens to your property when we touch it - it gets revived!

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